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    In Game Name: Miyuse
    First Name: I go by Miki
    Age: 17
    Languages you speak: English, conversational Farsi
    Time Zone: PST
    Discord: Miki#9866
    Position wanted: Admin/Mod

    Previous staff positions:

    Vexcade Network - Senior Mod
    Kingcraft - Admin
    I've also been Admin/Mod on a few other smaller servers, but sadly they've all shut down because those were active years ago :(

    Why do you want to be a staff member: I have a lot of free time and I'm very experienced at being staff. I'm generally a likeable person, and I love being part of communities! I have also played minecraft for a very, very long time so I'm pretty well versed in how the game and community works and common issues to look out for.

    What could you provide us as a staff member: I am going to be completely honest: I used to be a hacker. I used to download hack versions, and go on servers to troll. But after a while, that got boring, as it made the game way too easy. So, I've stopped doing that and what I can offer is knowledge of hacks. Since I've used them before, I can spot a hacker better. I know a lot of the hack clients people use, and also some uncommon hacks that other people don't know about. So, I would be really good at scouting out and punishing hackers.

    How many hours a week could you dedicate to the server: I am currently going to school so I don't have a definite time, but I can assure you I have a lot of free time on my hands, so I would be able to be on the discord basically 24/7 and on the server for a good amount of time.

    Any extra information about yourself: Unless you ask, I don't know what else you'd want to know! :)

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